For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for people, conversation and personality growth. I believe we don’t just grow as children and adolescence; we can continue to grow as adults. The self-work doesn’t need to be monotonous and heavy. It can be a creative act when we embrace our ourselves with kind attention and when we have maps on hand that help us to understand and navigate the territory we find ourselves in. For more about me, read here

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push-ups for your personality

The work is to stay in the game which means staying awake to the patterns that run our lives. There is always a new stretch to make, some aspect of our life that needs attention. That is good news because it’s the kind of work that invites us into a closer relationship with what we value most and then discovering the strength to live it.

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Dreaming the deeper dream
Dreaming the deeper dream
One of the most important lessons I learn from my quest is to take water seriously.  In my every day, it is too easy to take for granted.  I am given a 1.5 L  bottle and I don’t waist anytime. …
Acceptance runs deeper than words
Acceptance runs deeper than words
The structure of the quest is broken into 4, 7, 9 and 13 days.  You complete one and move onto the next the following year.  The 13 day being the quest that integrates the entire process. You go through all…

Feedback from my clients

Enabling each participant to share their experience in an environment of complete acceptance and encouragement.


Thank you Ryan. You’ve taught us this same, very important and useful lesson in multiple ways.  As I mentioned in the past,  I used to eat chocolate chips, multiple trips… Read more “Not my first response anymore”

Ryan is an exceptionally knowledgeable and soothing instructor particularly to those new to meditation.


Ryan’s knowledge, humor, and compassion has made these events a joy to participate in, and an ease in which to absorb, and more importantly, to apply the wisdom I’ve been gaining. His calm, genuine manner lends a spirit of safety and trust, so vital to an intimate discourse on a technology-based platform. Equally valuable are the short meditations we are gently guided through.

Sylvan Giacchino

I am grateful that Ryan’s facilitation of this group keeps it real, down to earth and the work directly accessible.

Candice Austin

The insight I received in the circle last week was so simple yet profound

Martine Gerschlowitz

The more I learn the more I find the Enneagram a revealing and massively healing tool. It’s fluid and expansive, on a whole different level from the traditional personality tests… Read more “Together with your gentleness, sensitivity and deep intellect you make a great Enneagram teacher”

Stephanie Harel

Your time and wisdom is deeply appreciated

Anne De Chazal

your approach really tackles a lot more than I had expected

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