Pathways to health

As a trainer and coach based in Johannesburg, South Africa, I work across both corporate and private contexts. My focus is on helping individuals and teams cultivate emotional intelligence, achieve greater personality health, and build resilience.

My work is grounded in the body and connected to the soul. I facilitate a holistic experience that integrates the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of human growth and development.

Whether working one-on-one or with groups, I create an environment where people feel safe to explore, learn, and transform. My methodologies facilitate lasting change by addressing the whole person, not just surface-level behaviours.

In business context, I am a Trainer, Speaker and Coach working with business developing individuals, teams, leaders and executives to reduce stress and conflict and increase engagement and productivity.

I am also  .. a map-maker, dancer, cold water enthusiast, conversation starter & hopeless romantic

Human growth and development have been a lifelong passion for me. My formal education includes a business degree in Economics from Unisa and a Masters in Psychology from Wits, where I specialized in narrative and developmental psychology.

For over 15 years, I’ve been an avid student and coach of the Enneagram personality system. The insights from this powerful framework, combined with my studies in integral theory and spiral dynamics, have immensely deepened my understanding of what contributes to human health, happiness, and well-roundedness.

My toolbox expanded further after completing a two-year training in Family Constellations with Gui Barcellos in 2019. This systemic approach allows me to help clients identify and transform intergenerational patterns that may be holding them back.

I obtained certification in Tiny Habits from BJ Fogg. This has equipped me with practical strategies for building helpful habits and making meaningful changes that stick.

In 2024, I completed Level 1 training in Internal Family Systems (IFS), providing me with additional skills for helping individuals heal by working with their parts (or sub-personalities).

Throughout my journey, I’ve amassed a rich multidisciplinary perspective on facilitating lasting personal and professional growth. By integrating diverse yet complementary modalities, I provide a truly holistic experience tailored to each individual’s needs and goals.

helping people understand and work the terrain toward high functioning relationships and work

My credentials:

  • MA. Psychology (Wits)
  • Bcom. Economics (Unisa)
  • Integrative Enneagram accredited coach
  • Systemic/ family constellations trained
  • IFS Level 1
  • Tiny habits certified
  • Foundation in Somatic / movement based therapies
Map making with the Enneagram, Family constellations, Tiny habits & Mindfulness/ attention training