Before you turn on the world make sure you are ready

I think a sense of space and capacity are our some most valuable resources Before you turn on the world, make sure  you are ready. I had this thought after an hour or so of ‘readying’ myself this morning. I started the day with a little movement, writing and sitting and noticed even then, an apprehension to turn my phone on. I knew that in doing so the world would come flooding in. 

Turns out  I was ready enough because I was able to maintain the state I cultivated in my quiet time. When I noticed myself becoming tight and tense, it was easy enough to take a short time out and remember the reference I created at the beginning of the day.

Ready to me means uncluttered, open and receptive to life as it is.

Guiding principle: In order to maintain a ready state I need to notice how my system responds to the world coming in as I move through my day. Could it be more exciting that we get to choose a response to life that is new and unconditioned by paying attention in a certain way ?