Locating self

When we engage a mindfulness practice, what we are really doing is locating ourselves . When we have a bearing on true nature, we can distinguish between the patterns we run and the essence of who we are.

Mindset 2

Mindset 2 is founded in kindness and celebrates micro victories.

5 stages of grief

Greg Braden said on the London real channel recently that we are in a collective process of grief right now, whether people know it or not. We have lost our way of life, our routines, meeting points and ability to gather socially. Being social creatures, this is a significant loss. Although many people are recognsing… Continue reading 5 stages of grief

In relationship with it

But will power doesn’t attend to the underlying reason that the behavior is there in the first place. We have pause and go a little deeper with this. Ignore the symptom for now and look at what drives the behavior.