Category: Behaviour change

  • Meditation & brushing teeth

    Meditation & brushing teeth

    I get up every day and brush my teeth, it just happens without question. I have a whole life behind me to make it one of the most natural habits.  […]

  • Reimagining change

    Reimagining change

    Try as we might, we don’t change with good intentions alone.  It’s actually impossible not to change. We are changing every moment. Nothing ever stays still. The question is more […]

  • Locating self

    Locating self

    When we engage a mindfulness practice, what we are really doing is locating ourselves . When we have a bearing on true nature, we can distinguish between the patterns we run and the essence of who we are.

  • Mindset 2

    Mindset 2

    Mindset 2 is founded in kindness and celebrates micro victories.

  • 5 stages of grief

    5 stages of grief

    Greg Braden said on the London real channel recently that we are in a collective process of grief right now, whether people know it or not. We have lost our […]