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  • Dreaming the deeper dream

    Dreaming the deeper dream

    One of the most important lessons I learn from my quest is to take water seriously.  In my every day, it is too easy to take for granted.  I am given a 1.5 L  bottle and I don’t waist anytime.  8 days behind me without a drop aside from the tea on day 5 but…

  • Acceptance runs deeper than words

    Acceptance runs deeper than words

    The structure of the quest is broken into 4, 7, 9 and 13 days.  You complete one and move onto the next the following year.  The 13 day being the quest that integrates the entire process. You go through all previous quests and then add another 4 days on just to make sure you get…

  • Vision quest part 1 – Introduction

    Vision quest part 1 – Introduction

    When I first heard about a vision quest, I was young. It sounded like a terrible idea even though I knew it was a respectable thing to do. I mostly feared that I wasn’t  made out of the right stuff to undertake such a journey. In the end, it took me 13 years to complete…

  • Middle road

    Middle road

    It’s this seemingly paradoxical idea that the world  we are accustomed to  characterised  by polarity (no one thing can exist without its opposite)  also contains a non-polarised dimension – an absolute truth or Big mind as Wilber likes to say that has not been split.

  • this mind comes with me

    this mind comes with me

    It’s the same mind I take with me so perhaps the most important moment in meditation is the last one, getting up. It can be a moment to continue to receive things  as they are. That way we don’t  leave our sit with a story already about how it should be. Rather we can relax…