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But what ever that that stretch is, we need to be willing to see how we can be in the way of ourselves. You me and everyone without doubt have always got more to give. There is always a new stretch, a movement that we haven’t yet made that probably scares the hell out of us, maybe causes us to freeze and reach for an escape.

Consider for a moment, what might my ‘whole lot more’ look like and where am I in the way? Deep down we know there is more and it can feel excruciating when we don’t pay enough attention to those movements our souls are calling for. Those invitations from life that would make us smile beyond our ears and yet the fear feels real and more often than not stops us for the sake of a safer path.

But right now there is no safe path. If there is any time to face the fears we have been pushing aside, now is the time. How? my take is the most effective way is to get more intimate with your core story or what ever iteration of it is on play.

These deeply held [mostly unquestioned] beliefs about who we are and whats possible need to be examined thoroughly so that we can live in a way that dances with life, the good – bad and ugly. Our nature untarnished, ego strong enough to take another step with the divine in hand.