In the midst of chaos

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It feels like an especially important week to keep up my practice. I’ve been seeing how inexplicably we are connected to the greater whole. I’ve had a lot going on in my body, much of it because of what we are going through as a (South Africa) nation. It sometimes feels almost impossible to stay in the body. But I keep seeing that every time I do there is chance for more peace because all these currents are temporary and in continual change. Energy rises and falls. My clinging to anything in this rise and fall becomes my suffering. Let go the little voice in my heart tells me.

And stay with it for any length of time and there will be a relaxation, even if very small. But that’s all it takes sometimes, just giving ourselves a little relief tipping the scales in the direction of regulation and balance. A moment of being still and just being with the body exactly as it is. what now ? and now ? what next ? experiencing the sensation directly. Allowing, accepting, breathing, resourcing. It all passes. As Loch Kelly likes to say, Unhook from the mind and let your attention drop into the body. We must unhook because the mind gets in the way. It is storied by its very nature. We need to relax the story we have about the world and our life in it so we can allow the energies in the body some breathing space. Given time, the body comes to rest.

Key: Receive the condition of the body, the heart and the mind just as it is. Although it can feel very personal, is it really ? how much did you choose to think, feel or act in that way ? are you in control of the next thought you have or the next emotion you experience ? what does it feel like if very little of this is personal ? An important choice I see is our ability to bring our awareness to our condition with kindness. From there change is natural, we are in the currents of effortless evolution both collectively and individually. Effort of course is needed but absent of force. Flow.