the medicine of life

The medicine of life. It’s the medicine of life and not to argue with the unfolding is to take the medicine. To stop and reflect how and why it’s getting to you is the key that unlocks true freedom. Not the kind that lasts forever. Rather we know the likelihood is that we will soon ‘lose’ it again. There is another drama coming, most likely of our own making. We are going to get caught up again but from the vantage point of our evolution, it’s totally ok. More than that, it can actually be very positive if we let it.

Our evolution not only includes these digresses but more importantly depends on them. All the difference is our mindset and how we respond when we are caught up.

If we see this ‘falling’ as a natural and important part of our growth then chances are when it happens we’ll be less resistant. Alternatively, if we fall and then fall again into victim hood, there is no movement and no growth.

Naturally it’s easier said than done but the mindset part isn’t actually that hard. All we have to do is define the mindset that best serves ourselves and those around us and then recognize when we are running anything. This is the crucial piece because it speaks again to the idea that we should rather expect these outdated mindsets to fight for their place. If we are prepared for that we can turn toward the fight with kind attention and encourage ourselves rather than condemn aspects that feel like they are holding us back.

In reality, we could ask what’s really holding us back more so than the (unproductive) patterns themselves. My sense more than anything is mindset. Upgrade mindset upgrade life not because things get better and patterns fall away. But rather because with the right mindset, we can bring kindness to absolutely anything and that’s where our ground of peace lives.

If change is what we want then kindness is the fuel and mindset the filter through which we look at our challenges.

That’s why it’s all medicine ?