Integrative approach

Body – Heart – Mind

I intuitively work with clients, bringing to light what has remained unseen and unacknowledged. Coaching serves as a vessel for practicing the art of letting go. Most of us want our lives to be better, yet the pressure and control we exert on ourselves often stands in the way. My approach helps facilitate change by reducing that pressure, not increasing it.

By bringing attention to deep-rooted adaptive patterns that may even trace back through previous generations, we naturally discover more creative ways of being. Understanding the origins of these patterns allows us to uncover new perspectives and possibilities. Instead of striving and struggling against ourselves, we learn to let go and open up to living with more freedom and authenticity.

My role is to provide a supportive space for you to explore your inner world without judgment. Together, we’ll shed light on the habits, beliefs, and narratives that have been holding you back. As those limitations dissolve, you’ll find yourself naturally aligning with a more vibrant and fulfilling way of living and relating to yourself and others.

Drawing from the Enneagram map of personality, Family Constellations (or the ‘Knowing Field’ as termed by Rupert Sheldrake, IFS (Internal Family Systems), and Somatic Awareness approaches, the essence of my model is a full-body experience. The gut (action), heart (feeling), and head (thinking) are all included as part of the process.

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