I work intuitively with my clients.  Bringing what is unseen to the light of awareness. I see coaching as a vessel of practicing for the art of letting go.  Most people want their lives to be better, but often the pressure and control we put on ourselves is in the way. I help people to change by reducing pressure (not increasing).   By bringing attention to adaptive patterns that have roots far back (sometimes even in previous generations), we can naturally find more creative ways of being in life.

Let’s say you were going to the gym; you’d work in sets right. My coaching approach follows a similar method.  I like to work in sets of three. It’s a little like a story with beginning, middle and end. Each set is a building block.

I use the Enneagram map of personality, Family constellations (or the ‘Knowing field’ in Rupert Sheldrakes terms), Tiny habits and Somatic awareness approaches. The essence of my model is full body – so that gut (action), heart (feeling) and head (thinking) are included as part of the process. 

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