Self paced programs to grow your life and relationships

Imagine the Possibilities

21 Days foundations

This is our introductory program. The main aim of the program is to get you back in your body and in relationship with your inner life – senses, emotions and thoughts. Each week, we focus on a different aspect corresponding to the three centres of body intelligence – gut/ belly, heart and head. 

First week gut centre as we explore sensation and impulse. Second week we move to the heart centre as we explore emotion and release. In the third week we move to the head centre and examine thoughts/ beliefs and stories with the intention to access more of our self authoring mind. The aspect of oneself that can rewrite the stories and ideas that aren’t supporting our fullest expressions of life. 

*outcomes are improved focus, reduced stress, emotional awareness, resilience and more comfortable in the body. From there its natural to be more in touch with needs and follow our intuitions that support healthier habits.  

Building your Hero character

This is a deep dive into personality patterns using the Enneagram.

Dimensions of relating

Life is relationship. In this 5 week training we explore essential aspects of our relationships. We suggest completing the foundations program before signing on to this training as it is very useful to have established a personal practice, which is a key outcomes of the foundations training.

We extend the practices in the foundation training to explore and inquire into to the aspects of our relatedness that are blocked/ stuck / entangled. The aim is to look at what aspects of ourselves are caught up in the past and  in resistance to life as it is.

* less volatility, more understanding and compassion for others,  less reactivity and improved relatedness in personal and professional context.