focus on the sun

first focus on the Sun.  What greater resource is there than the feeling of sunlight on the skin.  When you stay there a little while and allow yourself to be present with a simple moment in the sun, you double up the power of the resource. That’s because your nervous systems follows what you give your attention to.

Taking a moment in the Sun is also another way of saying Resource.  Its amazing how quickly we can forget to do this, neglecting those aspects in our life that lift us up. The sun is also a metaphor that reminds us to focus on something good before we get to the business of being in our day.

I say business because from one perspective its like that, one day as a holder for many transactions, each one having its affect on our nervous system –  some replenishing and uplifting while others leaving us feeling depleted and less energized.  
The question is, will we stay with these daily ‘transactions’ and notice how our system is responding as we go.  If we pay more attention, we are far more likely to follow the movements that lead toward balance and calm. 

The key is simple noticing with kind attention – not needing things to be different so much and instead getting interested or even better curious about how things are. Its that curious mindset in my experience that really fast tracks change.

How we do this is .. build a habit of staying in the body, bringing your attention into the body more frequently in your day. As you find ourselves being pulled  up to the head again, simply notice and bring your attention back to the body, allowing the sensations to be there as they are. And that really is as simple as it gets – stay with what you might normally push away, little bit at a time.