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For the love of movement

In movement, we engage in a kind of alchemy of the past. We come into relation with ourselves, not as we want to be but as we actually are. This […]

Inside (and out) of the drama triangle

Why its a foundational map everyone should know I’m often surprised how easy it is to slip into the drama triangle. The allure of the victim, the sudden pull of […]

What if you gave up on the idea of change?

Embracing Responsibility Without Forcing Change What if there really wasn’t a problem to solve? What if everything as it is right now is all okay? How would that feel? When […]

Mind at large

After experiencing the realm of psychedelics, life is never quite the same. One has glimpsed something beyond ordinary awareness. Aldous Leonard Huxley, a pioneering philosopher, articulated this phenomenon in his […]

How not to be hard on yourself

What a strange question. How on earth could we be in a time where hardness toward oneself is not only normal but even celebrated? What do you mean you’re not […]

The flame of spirit & acceleration of calling

The flame of spirit & acceleration of calling – from Michael Meade’s your calling keeps calling No one comes to life to be a small person. The great myths tell […]

Discovering the habit you didn’t know you needed

As habits go, I imagine the underlying question for most of us is how we can feel better, be more productive and bring more of ourselves to everyday life. Its certainly a big question and not one that could be addressed in one article.   What I want to explore here is how to find the habits that are likely to contribute to this project in unexpected ways, and especially the ones that are hidden from view. 

Dreaming the deeper dream

One of the most important lessons I learn from my quest is to take water seriously.  In my every day, it is too easy to take for granted.  I am given a 1.5 L  bottle and I don’t waist anytime.  8 days behind me without a drop aside from the tea on day 5 but water is different.  The satisfaction arrives as it touches my lips. My state is instantly changed, water gives me the feeling of life.  My inner spring fills,  I think how a plant must feel after a dry season

Acceptance runs deeper than words

The structure of the quest is broken into 4, 7, 9 and 13 days.  You complete one and move onto the next the following year.  The 13 day being the quest that integrates the entire process. You go through all previous quests and then add another 4 days on just to make sure you get it.  What is one getting? many possibilities but for me the most pressing, I need a lot less than I think I do. In fact needing nothing at all can produce the most ecstatic states.

Vision quest part 1 – Introduction

When I first heard about a vision quest, I was young. It sounded like a terrible idea even though I knew it was a respectable thing to do. I mostly feared that I wasn’t  made out of the right stuff to undertake such a journey. In the end, it took me 13 years to complete a series of 4 quests.  I had to redo my first and then took space between quests to build up  my will.